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THE INTERACTION BETWEEN INFIXATION AND REDUPLICATION IN CHAMORRO* Boris Harizanov Stanford University [email protected] 1. Introduction On the basis of Chamorro, an Austronesian language spoken in the Mariana Islands, I provide an argument for an old idea in the study of morphophonology: modeling opacity via serially ordered derivations. The evidence comes from the interaction between infixation and reduplication in Chamorro. I demonstrate that this interaction in the language is opaque (in the sense of Kiparsky 1971, 1976, et seq.) and that it can be understood within a derivational/serial framework where the output of reduplication serves as the input to infixation. The analysis is implemented in Distributed Morphology (Halle and Marantz 1993, 1994, et seq.). Two assumptions, commonly held within this framework but expressible in other frameworks as well, prove essential in the description and analysis of infixation and reduplication in Chamorro: that the association of morphosyn...