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paper**TheHighSchoolforthePerformingandVisualArtsNewspaperUS FREEAUSTRALIA $ 10.50DENMARK DKK 75.00CANADA $ 9.50FRANCE € 8.50U.K. £ 10.50HOLLAND € 8.50ITALY€ 9.00JAPAN ¥ 1740NEW ZEALAND NZ$ 11.50SPAIN € 8.50SWEDEN SEK 75.00SWITZERLAND CHF 16.00UAE AED 45.00INDIA ₹ 323.00 VOLUME 12 ISSUE 5 For those of you who attended PVA last year, you may remember March 12th. The day started with seniors prowling the halls collecting donations for the Pie Eating Contest, dancers eagerly preparing for their Spring Concert, and students jabbering about their Spring Break plans. The March 12th school day ended with the chilling instructions to cancel all after school performances and clear out lockers; the next day of school was cancelled and a return date had not been set. When we woke up on March 13th, we could never imagine how much our lives and our world were about to change. With the harrowing March 13th anniversary recently passing, now is the time to reflect on the tumultuous 365 days behind us....