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TYGAR™ - The Leader in Landscape Curbing Official Price List Thank you for your interest in TYGAR's landscape curbing systems, equipment, and supplies. To receive a FREE quote or place an order, please contact us in one of the following ways: 1. Call Customer Service at 866-999-9506 2. Visit our ONLINE STORE: www.tygarmfg.com 3. E-mail an order or inquiry to [email protected] 4. Fax an Order to 770-852-2508 TYGAR ships equipment worldwide and has sales representatives, distributors, or training locations in several countries, including reps in major markets in Canada and Europe. For shipping prices and information, please call TYGAR at 866-999-9506. TABLE OF CONTENTS The BENGAL Curb Machine Page 2 Curbing Equipment Packages Pages 2 - 3 Decorative Add-ons to the BENGAL Pages 3 Decorative Stamps & Rollers Page 4 Sales & Marketing Packages & Products Page 4 - 5 Individual Equipment Prices Pages 5 Decorative Color, Supplies & Accessories Pages 6 The BENGAL TG1000XL, the ONLY curb machine ...