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THE LOBSTERWritten byYorgos Lanthimos & Efthimis Filippou30 April 2013Element PicturesLimpScarlet Films EXT. COUNTRY ROAD - DAY1A WOMAN drives. She is on a country road, with fields on either side. She reaches a deserted spot where three donkeys stand on the right side of the road. The woman pulls over, puts on a pair of gloves, gets out of the car, checks to see if there is anyone nearby or if she is being watched, runs towards the donkeys, shoots one of them many times over, runs back to the car and drives away.OPENING CREDITS.I. THE TOWNINT. TOWN HOUSE SITTING ROOM - MORNING2A MAN around 45 years old, DAVID, sits on a sofa. His WIFE, around 40 years old, stands and leans against a bookcase. David is shortsighted and wears glasses. His wife also wears glasses. Next to David lies a DOG, an Alsatian. David is crying. The woman is not.DAVID’S WIFEI’m really sorry.(Pause)DAVIDDoes he wear glasses or contact lenses?DAVID’S WIFEGlasses.(Pause)David doesn’t look at her. He stares at the flo...