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COURSE 350R / 368R/386 M/388R THEORY AND PRACTICE OF URBAN DESIGN THE NATURE OF PUBLIC SPACE INSTRUCTOR: BARBARA HOIDN Hannah Arendt herself acknowledged architecture in an interesting discussion in a famous 1964 interview: she starts by observing that a central problem of the modern world is that nobody cares any longer what the world looks like. INTERVIEWER: "World" understood always as the space in which politics can originate? ARENDT: I comprehend it now in a much larger sense, as the space in which things become public, as the space in which one lives and which must look presentable. In which art appears, of course. In which all kinds of things appear. Space is empty. Its emptiness leaves things open. Public space is also empty, but its emptiness is deceptive; actually, it is a charged void. In public space everyday rituals are overlaid with temporary phenomena and events. The way public space is used confirms questions and changes individual and common values. In the narrowest de...