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THE NEO-­‐RENAISSANCE STYLE AND THE VICTORIAN INTERIOR: THE EXPRESSION OF IDENTITY IN THE LIBRARY AT CHATEAU-­‐SUR-­‐MER, NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND PREPARED FOR THE PRESERVATION SOCIETY OF NEWPORT COUNTY JUNE 2010 AND REVISED JANUARY 2014 BY NICOLE NICAS ROVNER 2 FIGURE 1: WATERCOLOR ON PAPER OF CHATEAU-­‐SUR-­‐MER BEFORE 1869, PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, PRINTS & PHOTOGRAPHS DIVISION, HABS RI-­‐314. In its original incarnation, Seth Bradford’s Chateau-­‐sur-­‐Mer in Newport, Rhode Island was an imposing symbol of the great financial power held by the Wetmore family, the successful China trade and banking clan of New York. Built in 1852, most architectural historians consider it the first of the grand cottages built by the country’s wealthiest families as a summer retreat in Newport, Rhode Island. Little changed to the interior or exterior until 1869, when George Peabody Wetmore began a decade of extensive changes to the property. He enlisted celebrated architect and Ne...