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The Neoclassical in Providence: Columns! Columns everywhere! By Rachel Griffith and Peter Hatch Introduction From our experiences in this class and in the everyday world, we have seen that the Greek column is one of the most important, and pervasive contributions of Ancient Greek architecture to the architecture that followed it. In fact, so many examples of columns modeled after the Greek style exist, that in just a short walk from the Pembroke campus down toward RISD, we were easily able to find not only multiple examples of columns that epitomize all three Greek orders, but also numerous examples of columns obviously inspired by Greek forms. This influence even shows up in some very unexpected places. We have organized this presentation by those three orders, and by how closely each example follows the conventions of the style it comes from. Doric Columns Features of the Doric Column Overall simplicity Frieze above, containing alternating metopes and triglyphs Capital consists ...