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In Contextwww.thelancet.com/neurology Vol 13 January 2014 33“Those damn neurologists, they think they can run the world ”EDtv, 1999Neurologists are rarely plot protagonists. Rather, our appearance in fi lms is often brief, with screenwriters preferring surgeons, psychiatrists, and family doctors. The neurologist portrayed in fi lm is a caricature: the aloof neuroscientist studying a rare neurological disease (Bill Murray in The Royal Tenenbaums), the strictly business and cynical physician (Patrick Chesnais in Le Scaphandre et le Papillon), the glib researcher undertaking highly unethical human experiments (Gene Hackman in Extreme Measures), the false prognosticator telling the family of a patient in a persistent vegetative state to keep hoping for a miracle (Roberto Álvarez in Hable con Ella), and the fl ustered physician desperately calling for an emergent EEG in diabetic coma and, even more strangely so, during a fundoscopy (Dess Philpot in Reversal of Fortune).In the USA, the fi lm Awa...