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www.mytmc.com1CASE STUDY MANAGED TMSThe Next Step inthe Evolution ofSaaS—Managed TMS® case studyCopyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. www.mytmc.com1CASE STUDY MANAGED TMSA unique category of solutions, Managed TMS® service has emerged for shippers. It combines the strengths of the established 3PL models with software as a service (SaaS) technology, business process outsourcing, global optimization, and consulting expertise. The amalgam of analysis, communications, technology, and deep domain knowledge can be tailored to the needs of each individual shipper. Furthermore, the speed at which the Managed TMS service can be implemented at the shipper's location makes an impact on operating performance that leads to immediate savings and sustains the savings long term in a cycle of continuous improvement.What is Managed TMS?Managed TMS represents the next evolutionary step in transportation management systems. It contains all the benefits of SaaS, such as no-to-low capital investment, quick d...