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{L0424761.3} THE REQUIREMENT OF INTERPERSONAL SKILLS IN EARLY CAREER CANADIAN LAW PRACTICES AND LAWYERS’ PERCEPTIONS REGARDING THE ADEQUACY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THESE SKILLS IN LAW SCHOOLS Kelly VanBuskirk, Q.C., PhD, C. Arb, with assistance from Navjeevan Gupta University of New Brunswick, Saint John Abstract The debate continues concerning the extent to which law school education should include skills training for the practice of law versus education in academic theory. While professional regulators have encouraged increased efforts by law faculties to develop students’ aptitude for client service, enthusiasm for this preference has not been universal. This paper seeks to examine questions regarding the extent to which Canadian law schools require and succeed in the development of interpersonal skills utilized by early-career law practitioners. It reviews the attitudes of recent law school graduates primarily working in Atlantic Canada regarding the requirement to take courses that ...