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THE RISE OF THE GREAT PLAINS Regional Opportunity in the 21st Century JOEL KOTKIN For decades, the Great Plains has been portrayed as a vast region better left to the Buffalo and forces of nature. Far from dying, our research shows that the region is in the midst of a historic recovery. The Great Plains enters the 21st century with a prairie wind at its back. Office of the President, Texas Tech University ii Primary Author – Joel Kotkin Contributing Authors – Delore Zimmerman, Kevin Mulligan Primary Consultant – Praxis Strategy Group Project Coordinator and Design – Kevin Mulligan Editor – Zina Klapper Research Team – Delore Zimmerman, Mark Schill, Matthew Leiphon Kevin Mulligan, Ali Modarres, Erika Ozuna ALL PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS PUBLICATION WERE TAKEN ON THE GREAT PLAINS Photography Santosh Seshadri, Nhat Ho (Texas Tech University) Cooper Ross (Insight Visual Media) Debi Cates (Odessa, Texas) Project Sponsor – Office of the President, Texas Tech University TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY © 2012 ...