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MEDIA LAW (ME2076), 7,5 hp 1 MEDIA LAW (ME2076), 7,5 hp ABOUT THE COURSE The Value of Attending this Course - Learn the principles of media law and how to make best use of them - Discover the role of law as a business tool - Be shown how to use legal instruments in media projects - Be able to work more effectively in media projects - Understand the importance of legal risk management The course will deliver a comprehensive and practical introduction to European and international media law, illustrated by case-studies. Course Facilitation This course is facilitated by Sanna Wolk, Assoc. Professor, Faculty of Law at Uppsala University. Feel free to email any and all correspondence to [email protected] Content of the Course The course has as the main objective enabling students to appreciate and handle legal problems occurring in a media environment. Media law is a collective term that refers to several legal areas such as contract law, competition law, intellectual property law, mark...