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The role of non-verbal communication in second language learner and native speaker discourseAngelika KałuskaUniversity of ŁódźAbstractIt is undeniable that non-verbal signals exert a profound impact on com-munication. Many researchers proved that people, when they are hesitating, analyze non-verbal signals to comprehend the meaning of a message (Allen, 1999), because they prioritize non-verbal aspects of communication over the verbal ones. The role of non-verbal communication is much more pro-found when native/non-native discourse is taken into consideration (Allen, 1999; Gregersen, 2007). The aim of the present paper is to analyze non-ver-bal communication of a native speaker and a second language learner. The main emphasis is put especially on the differences between the non-verbal signals of second language learners and native speakers. Some of these dif-ferences may disturb or prevent the interlocutors from conveying a message in learner/native speaker discourse (Marsh et al., 2003...