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ISSN 2455-4782 92 | Page JOURNAL ON CONTEMPORARY ISSUES OF LAW [JCIL] VOLUME 5 ISSUE 5 THE ROLE OF THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PRINCIPLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW Authored by: Fabio Massimo Battaglia* * PhD Student, Catolica Global School of Law, Catholic University of Portugal ______________________________________________________________________________ It is generally maintained – by several authors and environmentalists – that international environmental law is unable to provide a quickly and successful solutions for environmental problem and protection. For this reason, this tool is frequently criticized as a weak and slow instrument inadequate to meet the many changes of this matter caused by the rapid development of the scientific knowledge and the vast increasing danger for the environment linked with human activities and living. However, this branch of the international law is going on and it is continuatively developing. It is possible to find many...