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THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF XERISCAPE Craig R. Miller Parks & Open Space Manager www.cpnmd.org Almost half of all the water we use at home is used to maintain the landscape. The problem is that while we live in Colorado, we have traditionally landscaped with plants that are native to regions with much higher annual precipitation. To successfully grow these plants, we must supplement the natural precipitation with our limited surface and groundwater. The use of plants with high water demands is not our only landscaping option; fortunately, neither is removing plants from the landscape. The concept of Xeriscape was developed in Denver, Colorado, in response to water shortages in the 1980’s. Xeriscape refers to a landscape that uses little supplemental water. It does not refer to a dry, barren landscape, nor is a xeriscape a "no maintenance" landscape. By using plants that are well adapted, mulches that suppress weeds and conserve water, and efficient irrigation systems to make the most use o...