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The Software Defined Transport Network: Fundamentals, Findings and Futures Daniel King1, Charalampos Rotsos1, Alejandro Aguado2, Nektarios Georgalas3, and Victor Lopez4 1University of Lancaster, United Kingdom 2University of Bristol, United Kingdom 3British Telecom, United Kingdom 4Telefónica Research and Development (I+D), Spain ABSTRACT The Software Defined Network (SDN) is an established network paradigm, architecture and principles, that attracted significant research effort in recent years. An SDN-enabled infrastructure decouples network control from forwarding and enables direct programming. Recently, there is an increasing effort to introduce SDN support in the transport layers of the network operators WAN infrastructure, like Layer 0 (WDM & DWDM) and Layer 1 (SONET/SDH & OTN) technologies. We refer to this infrastructure as the “Software Defined Transport Network”, and benefits include network management devolvement, timely connectivity provision, improved scalability, and open...