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asianart.com | articlesAppendix 1: The InscriptionsAsianart.com offers pdf versions of some articles for the convenience of our visitors and readers. These files should be printed forpersonal use only. Note that when you view the pdf on your computer in Adobe reader, the links to main image pages will be active: ifclicked, the linked page will open in your browser if you are online. This article can be viewed online at:www.asianart.com/articles/guita/part1The Standing Buddha of Guita Bahiby Ian Alsop, Kashinath Tamot and Gyanendra ShakyaPart IThe Standing Buddha of Guita BahiFurther Thoughts on The Antiquity of Nepalese MetalcraftIan AlsopImage Pages On The Antiquity of Nepalese Metalcraft: TheOn The Antiquity of Nepalese Metalcraft: TheBuddha of Guita BahiBuddha of Guita Bahi Last Image Back to main article Next Image click on the image to enlarge | click on the image again to enlarge furtherclick Esc or X to close and return to this pageFigure 1: Standing BuddhaNortheastern India or Ne...