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THE TRAIL BOSS This horse and rider statue found on Boot Hill represents a Texas Trail cattle drover who appears to be looking over the graves and town—back over the trail—back to Texas. This bronze statue is a copy of an identical statue found in Dallas, Texas. The statue of the horse and rider was sculpted by Robert Summers. The TRAIL BOSS replaces a earlier concrete statue of a horse and rider sculpted by Dr. Gainsforth which now is located at the Ogallala Livestock Market sale barn west of town. This marker found at the foot of the Boot Hill stairs represents another name for the cattle trail to Ogallala. In Texas it was called the Western trail and in Ogallala it was called the Texas trail. The Great Western Trail marker you see is a project of the Rotary International. They plan to mark the Western/Texas trail from Texas to Canada. This marker is one of the first Great Western Trail markers placed in Nebraska. THE TEXAS TRAIL Ogallala was about 10 years old when the Union Pacific...