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832 Singapore Academy of Law Journal (2012) 24 SAcLJ THE TRANSFORMATIVE USE DOCTRINE AND FAIR DEALING IN SINGAPORE Understanding the “Purpose and Character” of Appropriation Art Generally a transformative work is one that imbues the original “with a further purpose or different character, altering the first with new expression, meaning, or message”. Given that the wording of the first statutory factor of fair dealing in section 35(2)(a) of the Singapore Copyright Act is identical to section 107 of the US Copyright Act, and that three other statutory factors are also similar, this article argues that the transformative use doctrine in US law is highly persuasive in the Singapore context. It further postulates that transformativeness not only occupies the core of the fair use/fair dealing doctrine but also reduces the importance of all other factors, such that the more transformative the new work, the less significant the other factors will be. It demonstrates through an examination of j...