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ABSTRACT Yunita Widyawati : THE USE OF DORA THE EXPLORER CARTOON MOVIE TO IMPROVE STUDENTS' VOCABULARY MASTERY(A Classroom Action Research of Fourth Year Students of SD Negeri I Selodoko in Academic Year of 2009/2010) Teaching English in elementary school is introducing English as the first foreign language to elementary school students in order to be able to communicate simple English, So the teacher of elementary school should have appropriate method in teaching English . This study is focused on the method of teaching vocabulary by using of Dora the Explorer Cartoon Movie to improve student‟s vocabulary mastery. The method of research used in this study is action research. From this study, Researcher could take the conclusion that there was a significant difference between pre test and post test,The mean of post test is greater than the mean of pre test both in cycle I and cycle II. In cycle I is 5,6 and cycle II is 7,6. Both of them is greater than t-table with n =31 is 2, 04. The ...