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WIDA is housed within the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.© 2020 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, on behalf of WIDAEarly Years1WIDA Early Years Guiding Principlesof Language DevelopmentThese Guiding Principles of Language Development exemplify WIDA’soverarching and ever-present Can Do Philosophy.1. Multilingual children are learning more than onelanguage at the same time and adjust the use of theirlanguages to different sociocultural contexts.(Abell, 2007; Bialystok, 2001; Comeau, Genesee, & Mendelson,2007; Edelsky & Jilbert, 1985; Genesee, Boivin, & Nicoladis,1996; Genesee, Nicoladis, & Paradis, 1995; Green, Peña, &Bedore, 2012)2. Multilingual children learn language and culturethrough their experiences at home, in the community,and in early care and education.(Bornstein, 2012; Castro, 2011; Cuéllar & Garcia, 2012;Gillanders, Castro, & Franco, 2014; Magruder, Hayslip,Espinosa, & Matera, 2013; Reyes & Azuara, 200...