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TTTHHHEEE GGGEEEOOOGGGRRRAAAPPPHHHYYY OOOFFF TTTHHHEEEOOOPPPHHHRRRAAASSSTTTUUUSSS’’’ LLLIIIFFFEEE AAANNNDDD OOOFFF HHHIIISSS BBBOOOTTTAAANNNIIICCCAAALLL WWWRRRIIITTTIIINNNGGGSSS (((ΠΠΠΕΕΕΡΡΡΙΙΙ ΦΦΦΥΥΥΤΤΤΩΩΩΝΝΝ))) COSTAS A. THANOS DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS, ATHENS 15784, GREECE (email [email protected]) ABSTRACT Theophrastus of Eressus (371-286 BC) is widely recognised as the founder of Botany and the co-founder, together with Aristotle, of the science of Biology. Theophrastus studied at a young age in Plato’s Academy in Athens where he was acquainted with Aristotle. It is suggested that since then (355 BC) the two friends and colleagues were never separated. They traveled to Assos, Lesbos, Macedonia (Pella, Mieza and Stagira) and returned to Athens in 335 BC, to found the Peripatetic School in the Lyceum. In his botanical writings (ΠΕΡΙ ΦΥΤΩΝ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑΣ - ΠΕΡΙ ΦΥΤΩΝ ΑΙΤΙΩΝ), Theophrastus makes a total of 903 direct and distinct geographical citations which correspond to...