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Thinking About an Unlimited PTO Policy? Ask These Questions First.Contributed by Lindsey Conrad Kennedy, of Eckert, Seamans, Cherin, & Mellott LLC.Ms.Kennedyhelpsemployersnavigatethelaborandemploymentlawsgoverningtheirrelationshipswiththeirworkforce.Herexperienceincludesbothcounselingandlitigationunderthemajorfederalandstatelawsgoverningemploymentrelationships.Ms.KennedyhaspracticedinbothNewYorkandPennsylvania,representingavarietyofemployersinavariety of industries.In many ways, so-called “unlimited paid time off” policies capture the zeitgeist of progressive humanresources management. These policies increase employees’ flexibility, instill in them a sense of self-accountability, improve recruitment and retention efforts, and decrease administrative burdens. The benefitsof unlimited PTO policies are obvious. But many of the legal risks they create are not. If your organization isseeking to implement an unlimited PTO policy, there are several questions you need to ask before doing soin ...