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The Sandlot Abstract: This paper provides architectural overview of the first NFT Platform that enables the enhancement of NFTs assets. This platform is called The Sandlot. Disclosure: This information described in this paper is preliminary and subject to change at any time. Furthermore this paper may contain forward looking statements. This relates to future events. Introduction: The economic model of any real digital asset is of the most important components of the platform. The Opportunity In the last 12 months, generative art has reached over $1B in sales USD. In comparison to the market, $200B USD is spent annually on the physical art market. NFTs are here to stay and they are just getting started. Coinbase, with an estimated 68MM registered wallets is expected to enter the space by the end of 2021. OpenSea already has 500,000 registered wallets. With this many potential collectors being given low barrier to entry, the space is expected to grow rapidly. Before The Sandlot When we ...