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©2013 QSR Volume IX Issue 240 Qualitative Sociology Review • www.qualitativesociologyreview.org 41Thomas LuckmannUniversity of Constance, GermanyThe Communicative Construction of Reality andSequential Analysis. A personal reminiscence1AbstractKeywordsThis paper presents a historical view of the emergence of what is known as the communi-cative paradigm. Through a personal reminiscence of his long career, Thomas Luckmannentangles the main sources of what was a radical shift of the role of language and commu-nication in the humanities and social sciences. In doing so, Luckmann shows that the epis-temological and ontological assumptions on which the contemporary study of social inter-action and communicative processes rely were practically non-existent half a century ago.While sociology and linguistics seemed to exist in separate universes during Luckmann’sstudent days, a dialogical approach to language and social life eventually appeared – forexample, in ethnomethodology, conversational a...