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!Issue 27: Winter 2019POWERING THE SMART GRIDwww.energystoragejournal.comIFBF 2019 An insider’s peek at the world’s only flow battery forum Nobel prize winnersRecognition at last for main driving forces of the Li-ion batteryBattery heroine Looking at Cadenza Innovation’s new ‘brick’ technology Time to make a bigger splashFlow batteries struggle for market shareCharging the future – special supplement on ees international exhibition series is an operating unit of9787 Green Park Industrial Dr. St. Louis, MO 63123 - USA Tel: +1 636-6112 | [email protected] Pack Testing• Single or Dual Circuit Model Available• Up to 600A/450KW Per Channel• IGBT Design for 92% Efficiency• 100% Duty Cycle Capable at Max Power• Discharge Regenerative to the Grid• 0.05% Current Accuracy with 30mSec Risetime and Zero Overshoot• Test Control and Data Management with Bitrode’s VisuaLCNTM Lab Software• Remote Binary Protocol Available for Control via 3rd Party Softwarewww.bitrode.comNEW Member o...