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AMERICAN PAINT HORSE ASSOCIATION | FALL 2015 LIFE AS UNIQUE AS THE HORSE™FALL 2015Volume 3 Number 3 FC-FallChromeCover.indd 17/29/15 4:01 PM 38 Crafting Spirits Fueled by flavor, Sarah Venge uses her knowledge and energy to make a lasting impact.48 Founded in Family Todd Gralla combines his love of horses and architecture worldwide.PHOTOGRAPHY: POPULOUS, COURTESY TODD GRALLAFEATURESBuilding Dreams A career in equine architecture helps Todd Gralla make his mark around the globe.03-04-TOC.indd 38/3/15 3:00 PM PHOTOGRAPHY: RACHEL FLORMANTHE GRALLA FAMILYLauren, Todd, Nicolas and Tonya, with A Sudden Legacy48-54-Todd_Gralla_v2.indd 488/3/15 9:02 AM PHOTOGRAPHY: RACHEL FLORMANTodd Gralla’s homegrown love of horses helps him connect with others around the world.odd Gralla likes living on the edge: the edge of town, where he and his wife own a 70-acre farm; the edge of his saddle, as a polo player preparing to take his next shot; and the edge of the world, as he travels the friendly skies to ...