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Tonal and Morphological Identity in ReduplicationAARON F. KAPLAN *University of California, Santa Cruz0. IntroductionChichewa is the only Bantu language in which verbal reduplication copies tonesas well as segments (Hyman and Mtenje 1999). Some examples of this are givenin (1). All Chichewa data are from Myers and Carleton 1996. Where such infor-mation is available, the morpheme that contributes the high tone in each non-reduplicated example is bolded.(1) a. tambalal-a ‘stretch out your legs!’tambalala-tambalala ‘stretch out your legs repeatedly!’b. phik-its-a ‘really cook!’phikitsa-phikitsa ‘really cook repeatedly!’c. ndima-sanalatsa ‘I please’ndima-sanalatsa-sanalatsa ‘I please repeatedly’d. ti-sanalats-e ‘let’s please’ti-sanalatse-sanalatse ‘let’s please repeatedly’A successful analysis of Chichewa must produce matching tonal patterns inthe two copies. This paper argues that tonal identity in Chichewa is a consequenceof the language’s general morphological proper...