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TOTAL Using these shortcuts, you can get many tasks done without taking your hands off the keyboard. Keep this reference card handy to cut down on the time spent writing your reports.SHORT_TOTAL0517File Manager ShortcutsALT + FOpens the File menuALT + OOpens the Folder menuALT + TOpens the Tools menuALT + HOpens the Help menuF1Opens the online help systemCTRL + SSaves the currently open fileCTRL + NStarts a new reportCTRL + PPrints the current reportCTRL + CCopies the field or the selected text to the clipboardCTRL + XCuts the field or the selected textCTRL + VPastes the contents of the clipboard at the cursor positionCTRL + OOpens the selected reportCTRL + EOpens a Windows Explorer dialog to find and open a reportCTRL + FOpens the Advanced SearchCTRL + SHIFT + NCreates a new folderPowerView ShortcutsCTRL + SHIFT+ FOpens the Forms PowerViewCTRL + SHIFT + COpens the Side-By-Side PowerViewCTRL + SHIFT + POpens the Photos PowerViewCTRL + SHIFT + SOpens the Sketch PowerViewCTRL + SHIFT + N...