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NCTA ‐ Columbus Spring 2011 Sharon Drummond Traditional Japanese Homes—Past and Present Objective: Students will learn about traditional Japanese homes as described in Japanese literature and as seen in the present through print and online resources. We will use Murasaki Shikibu’s The Diary of Lady Murasaki to look at detailed descriptions of living quarters during the Heian period, read and discuss the Old Japan chapters on homes, and then compare those homes with ones shown on the Kids Web Japan website and in the book, Japan Style. Students will also learn about Japanese traditions and rituals associated with the home and its furnishings. Standards addressed: People in Societies Standard‐‐Cultures 5‐7 Benchmark A: Compare cultural practices, products, and perspectives of past civilizations in order to understand commonality and diversity of cultures. Indicator 6.1 Compare the cultural practices and products of the societies studied, including a. class structure, b. gender roles, c. ...