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Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge Vol 20(1), January 2021, pp 284-297 Traditional knowledge of botany and agriculture revealed in the Vēda Saṃhitās, Brāhmaṇās, Araṇyakās and Upaniṣads R S Boddupalli*,† Institute of Sanskrit and Vedic Studies (ISVS), Regd. No: 264 / 80 - 81, Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Temple, Sastry Memorial Hall, Sanjayanagar, Bangalore 560 094, Karnataka, India E-mail: †[email protected] 02 October 2019; revised 02 April 2020 In the Vēdic scriptures, we find a large number of terms used for describing the plants and plant parts/organs, both external features and internal structures. Many of these botanical and agricultural associated terms that are currently in use in the modern botany were first revealed and comprehensively discussed in the Vēdic texts. The Ṛgvēda (RV) mentions that Vēdic Indians had knowledge about the food manufacture, the action of light on the process and storage of energy in plants. The classical plant morphology and classifica...