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Transport Network EvolutionSteve Trowbridge (Nokia), Chairman, ITU-T StudyGroup 15 Main Topics•Optical Transport Network (OTN) Evolution•Transport Network Support of 5G Radio Access Networks OTN Evolution Beyond 100G Scope of OTN StandardizationMarch 15, 2018 4Q12/15Architecture, SDN ControlG.872, G.7702WP3 –Digital Layer AspectsWP2 –Physical Layer AspectsQ11/15Signal FormatsG.709, G.709.x, G.7041Q14/15Management and ControlG.874, G.874.xQ13/15Synchronization, Jitter & Wander PerformanceG.8251Q6/15Optical Physical Interfaces, ComponentsG.959.1, G.695, G.698.x, G.680, G.66x, G.67xQ5/15Optical Fiberse.g., G.652https://www.itu.int/ITU-T/recommendations/index.aspx?ser=GPublished Recommendations available for free download at: What kinds of OTN interfaces does SG15 Standardize?•Fully Standardized Interfaces and Aspects•Mappings of Client Interfaces into Line Interface Frame formats•Fully Standardized OTN Client Interfaces –Optical Budgets recently based on IEEE 802.3 with an OTN frame Forma...