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Seoul Policies That Work: Transportation 141 Transport System Management (TSM) Shin Lee, University of Seoul1 A majority of large cities that simultaneously experienced both physical and economic growth in the late 20th century are now experiencing a rapid increase in the use of motor vehicles and, as a result, have faced with the problem of urban traffic congestion. One traditional method of resolving this problem is to increase new traffic facilities, such as roads. This method of continually constructing roads between the 1960s and the 1970s with various extensions was often seen as the answer – particularly in the USA. However, most countries cannot depend on the construction of new roads due to the financial restrictions needed for road construction or the limits of usable land. The so-called ‘TSM method’ has a also been rather diversely used to increase the efficiency and accommodating skills as a means of resolving traffic congestions in large cities by improving the existing tr...