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TRANSPORTATION 2THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR COMPLEX LOGISTICS NETWORKS“ Partnering with Manhattan gave us the capability to move to a much more efficient, sustainable, holistic transportation model, which allowed us to gain greater efficiencies across our entire supply chain.” GIANT EAGLEACTIVE, OPTIMIZED TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENTLogistics complexities and service-level expectations have increased dramatically in today’s world. Supply chains must be nimbler and more frugal than ever before. Adaptability is essential as companies try to predict and respond to uncertainties. Network changes, rising rates, reduced capacity, escalating supplier and consumer demands, and natural disasters have the potential to create supply chain failures that wreak havoc on both brand image and the bottom line. As risk and volatility escalate, and global transportation options continue to evolve, a sophisticated transportation management system (TMS) is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. With advancements ...