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TransportationM&A Update Owners of Transportation companies face a unique set of challenges in finding success in profitably operating their businesses.If it’s not the drivers, it’s the fuel. If it’s not the fuel, it’s the damages. If it’s not the damages, it’s the rates. Rarely is there a day in this industry where all things align perfectly.In order for healthy M&A activity to be vibrant in this space, there is a certain set of conditions that must be present.Today, the appropriate dynamics are at play for owners of companies to greatly capitalize on a sale transaction during a time of favorably unique market conditions.This report provides the key takeaways on the current dynamics driving M&A activity in Transportation, along with covering the most recent and relevant transactions that have closed in the space.About this ReportThe outlook, key statistics and most relevant transactions for TransportationAbout Nolan & Associates300+1976GLOBAL100+TRANSACTIONS CLOSEDYEARFOUNDEDM&AEXPERI...