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InMotion Global, Inc. Tel 813-681-5000. 1463 Oakfield Drive, Suite 133, Brandon, Florida 33511 Transportation Management Software (TMS). Why You Should Use It! As seen on the DAT Solutions website in June 2017 If I could guarantee you, that by the end of the day, you could make more money, reduce your costs, and eliminate most of your daily work headaches, would you be interested? Hopefully you would. And, by the end of reading this, you will know how. Every one of the most profitable and efficient trucking companies, freight brokers and shippers, have one simple thing in common. 100% of the time, they use a highly-tuned Transportation Management System (TMS). I’ve literally seen trucking companies and freight brokers double in size, with half the cost, because they started using the right TMS software. Conversely, I’ve also seen trucking companies and freight brokers cease to exist because they refused to embrace the most basic technology needed to run their business (why companies ar...