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GUIDE TO TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (TMS) TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (TMS) GUIDE TO: GUIDE TO TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (TMS) TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Introduction: Summary2. Transportation Management Systems Delivery Models3. TMS Providers Today and in the Future4. Functions of a TMS5. TMS Model Differences6. Pay Upfront, Pay as You Go, or Both?7. On-premise Requires More Involvement8. Connectivity and Exchanging Data9. Conclusion GUIDE TO TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (TMS) As technology has risen to the top of Chief Supply Chain Officer’s (CSCO)’s initiatives lists, access and visibility to data have become a must-have. A Transportation Management System (TMS) is a software platform designed to give shippers tools for control and visibility over their supply chains. With functionality and resources for all supply chain stakeholders: transportation, warehousing, carriers, vendors/suppliers, purchasing, customer service, sales, finance, and the executive leadershi...