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FNR-473-WTree Appraisal and the Value of TreesAuthorLindsey PurcellRCA, BCMAUrban Forestry Specialist, Purdue University Department of Forestry & Natural ResourcesForestry and Natural ResourcesContributorJeffrey LingRCA, TPAQArborwiseTrees provide many benefits and great value to property owners in functional, aesthetic, social, environmental, and even economic ways. Functional benefits include mitigating climate change by storing carbon, removing pollution from the atmosphere, managing stormwater runoff, and improving air quality. Trees provide oxygen and many other benefits — such as shade, which can impact home cooling costs.The collective value of trees makes a difference in people’s health and quality of life in cities and towns everywhere. In fact, it is also possible to calculate the benefits provided by each individual tree in any landscape by visiting the MyTree website at https://mytree.itreetools.org/.What is the value or worth of a tree?Value may be defined as the monetary ...