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Trelleborg Marine Systems’ commitment to continuous product improvement means that we reserve the right to upgrade and modify equipment and systems without notice as technological and operational parameters demand.Certified Management SystemDAM-LMH-01 Ver 1.0LowMaintenanceHookTrelleborg MArINe AND INFRASTRUCTURETRELLEBORG’S LOw MainTEnancE HOOkThe new low maintenance range of quick release hook (QRH) builds on Trelleborg Marine Systems’ renowned design to eliminate the reliance on manual greasing as the primary means of protection.Operations that require long term mooring alongside a jetty, or have restricted access have created the requirement for a customized QRH, this upgrade consists of additional components being integrated into our standard hook either from new or as an upgrade, these hooks are designed specifically for operations where maintenance access is restricted or where there are extreme operating conditions.Our experience working within the LnG, Oil, Bulk and Offshore in...