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5supply chain & logistics technology42 Logistics ManageMent WWW.LOGISTICSMGMT.COM | January 2012trends driving tMsBY bridget Mccrea, contriButing editor Relied on for their innate ability to handle transpor-tation planning, decision making, follow up, and measurement for companies of all sizes and across all industries, transportation management systems (TMS) held their own by posting positive sales growth through the recession and are poised for growth in 2012. Credit the fact that these systems can shave percentage points off of transportation spending, create efficiencies that were previously out of reach, and come in the attractive SaaS (software as a service) format with helping to keep many TMS vendors in the black during the last three tumultuous years. “In 2010, the TMS market grew significantly faster than the rate of inflation, or roughly 6.1 percent, and we’re fore-casting an additional 6.8 percent compound annual growth through 2015 for the market,” says Steve Banker, servi...