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1 Trips Database Bureau Inc. Licence for access to the Australasian Region of the TRICS Database and use of data Parties Licensor: Trips Database Bureau Inc Licensee: The party named in the schedule to this agreement. Interpretation In this Agreement, unless the context indicates otherwise, the following expressions shall have the following meanings: Australasian Region of the TRICS Database The partitioned section of the TRICS Database which hosts the latest TDB Database in an on-line format. Membership Your membership of TDB TDB Trips Database Bureau Incorporated, a New Zealand incorporated not for profit society TRICS TRICS Consortium Limited, a private limited company whose registered office is at County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, KT1 2DN, United Kingdom TRICS Database The database containing travel survey data hosted by TRICS Consortium Limited. TDB Database The database owned by TDB containing TDB’s travel survey data. 1 How You Indicate That You Accept Thi...