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tThe spires, domes and sweeping roofs of houses of worship are at once expressions of faith and calls to encounter the divine. The dome of St Joseph’s Church, which tops a 20-metre-high octagonal belfry, makes that overture from its location along busy Victoria Street. While the church’s architectural fea-tures are eye-catching at street level, much of the building remains hidden and invis-ible behind its walls. Inside, its treasures are revealed in their glory. Among these gems are the statues of saints and other figures that are strategically placed around the church for worshippers to encounter various manifestations of the divine. As with many Catholic churches, St Joseph’s has its fair share of statues. But St Joseph’s probably has more statues than most churches here, given that its history dates back to 1853 when it was built by the Portuguese Mission. Known as São José (“St Joseph” in Portuguese), that Gothic-style building was demolished in 1906 and subsequently replaced with ...