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Turtleback Mountain Resort – Architectural Style Guide January 24, 2007 ARCHITECTURAL STYLE GUIDE Turtleback Mountain Resort PUEBLO STYLE ARCHITECTURE Pueblo Style architecture is predominant throughout New Mexico and much of the Southwestern United States. The Pueblo Style, or Santa Fe Style, has combined Native American adobe structures with Spanish architectural elements to produce a nationally recognized symbol of New Mexican culture. Pueblo Style features include the appearance of flat roofs and stepped-level homes in earthy colors. Walls have rounded edges with raised parapets. Most windows are simple, with exposed wood headers. Doors can be made unique to the home using elaborate engravings, decorative iron work and dark natural colors. Small recesses set into walls, referred to as niches, provide spaces for art, religious icons and other decorative items. Benches can be built into walls for seating. Floors are usually covered with flagstone, wood planking or tiles. Heavy timber...