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File: 14.71.013 Reference No: _________ Application forms are required to be lodged with Council a minimum of 21 business days in advance of the activity unless otherwise negotiated with Council. Hereby apply to Alexandrina Council for an Alteration to Road Authorisation to use/alter road or road related areas pursuant to Section 221 of the Local Government Act 1999. Details: Specify Alteration: (tick all that apply): ☐Standard in ground concrete or paved pedestrian access ways to premises (not a vehicle crossover – see Type 2)☐Landscape the verge adjoining residential premises (introduce new materials i.e. grass)☐Plant a verge garden (may include edible plants and produce)☐Irrigation systems and in ground lighting☐Remove a tree or other vegetation from the road☐Hardstand areas of up to one square metre (i.e. pavers)☐Other – please specify (must be of minor nature and low impact)Development Application Is this work part of an existing or approved Development Application? ☐Yes☐NoIf yes,...