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11ACELY1722 Y7; ACELT1791 Y3; ACELT1785 F CHAPTER 2 Types of literary texts‘Literature includes a broad range of forms: such as novels, poetry, short stories and plays; fiction for young adults and children, multimodal texts such as film, and a variety of non-fiction. Literary texts also include excerpts from longer texts. This enables a range of literary texts to be included within any one year level for close study or comparative purposes.Key ideas, Australian Curriculum: English The Australian Curriculum and its linked State curricula require different types of literary texts to be studied, offering students a range of literary experiences. While some people claim to read ‘only fantasy’ or ‘only non-fiction’, students need to taste a diverse literary smorgasbord. Students’ choices about the types of literature they enjoy can be unpredictable, so it is essential to introduce them to well-written texts from different domains. We often use the French word genre when talking about texts...