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~"iP:rc ~ THENEWYORKPATEN~TRADEMARKAND ~. COPYRIGHT LAW ASSOCIATION U *. NYPTC BULLETIN Volume 29 MaylJune 1989 NumberS PRESIDENT'S CORNER This association plays an active role in the development of intellectual prop-erty rules, laws and treaties. For example, ours is probably the only regional organi-zation to regularly participate in meetings of the World Intellectual Property Organi-zation's committees of experts which de-velop multilateral treaties. In recent years, we have participated in WIPO's interna-tional studies of trademark counterfeiting, and patent and trademark law hannoniza-tion. Our representatives bring to these meetings a depth of knowledge regarding d e practical and theoretical aspects of . S. and international practice. That is es-pecially important because the majority of attendees are from official delegations, many are unexperienced in intellectual property law, and the U.S. experience and point of view is not always understood. WPIOMEETING PARTICIPATION One of...