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© Prof. W.K. Chung 1 SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY Course Title: SOCG 001 Understanding Societies Term I, 2015-16 Instructor Dr. Chung Wai keung Office: SOSS Rm. 4046 Tel: 6828 0871 Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistants: TBA Course Overview The purpose of this introductory course is to provide students with a basic understanding of Sociology as a social science discipline. Sociology is the use of analytic and systematic way to study human society and human social behaviors. It enables us to identify the social forces external to individuals that could shape human behaviors and therefore the society. The course will go through the basic theoretical assumptions of the discipline and will use a few sub-areas of specialty in Sociology to illustrate the distinctive perspective of the discipline. Through this course, students will be exposed to a wide range of sociological concepts, theories, and social phenomena. Course Objectives This course focuses on t...