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311Perspective of DevelopmentCommunicationUNIT 18INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPSAND TEAM BUILDINGStructure18.0Introduction18.1Learning Outcomes18.2Interpersonal Communication18.2.1What is Interpersonal Communication?18.2.2Basic Elements in Interpersonal Communication18.2.3Barriers to Interpersonal Communication18.2.4Merits of Interpersonal Communication18.3Interpersonal Communication Skills18.3.1Listening18.3.2Interpersonal Communication is Participatory18.4Concept of Team18.4.1Types of Team18.5Team Development18.5.1Team Building18.6Team Effectiveness18.7Let us Sum up18.8Keywords18.9References and Further Readings18.10Check Your Progress: Possible Answers18.0INTRODUCTIONIn this unit we aim at understanding communication from the three perspectivesof interpersonal, group and mass communication levels.The unit presents various skills required to communicate at interpersonal levelsuch as speech, listening, use of language etc18.1LEARNING OUTCOMESAfter studying this unit, you should be able to...