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237Research Design andSamplingUNIT 3SURVEYNilima Srivastava and Kiran PrasadStructure3.1Introduction3.2Objectives3.3Survey Research3.3.1Types of Surveys3.3.2Phases in Survey Research3.3.3Advantages and Limitations3.4Tools of Data Collection3.4.1Structured Observation3.4.2Interview3.4.3Questionnaire3.5Reliability and Validity of Tools of Data Collection3.6Let Us Sum Up3.7Glossary3.8Unit End Questions3.9References3.10Suggested Readings3.1INTRODUCTIONWe have studied how quantitative research can be used to study researchquestions in gender studies in Unit 1. In the earlier unit you read aboutresearch design and how it is widely used in social sciences such as sociology,anthropology, political science, and gender studies.In this unit we will study about survey research. Survey research is one ofthe most important method in quantitative social research. The broad areaof survey research encompasses any measurement procedures that involveasking questions to respondents. A survey can be anythi...