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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURTMIDDLE DISTRICT OF ALABAMAIn re Case No. 05-80198-WRS Chapter 13MAXFORD OLIVER, DebtorMEMORANDUM DECISIONI. FACTSThis Chapter 13 case came before the Court for hearing on the Court’s Order to ShowCause on April 13, 2005. (Doc. 16). This Chapter 13 case was filed in violation of an injunctionentered when a prior case was dismissed. Both the Debtor and his lawyer were ordered to appearand show cause why sanctions should not be imposed for the violation of this Court’s injunction.Maxford Oliver, the Debtor was in Court in person and his lawyer, Ruth Sullivan, was in Courtby her associate Christopher P. Haugen.This is the seventh bankruptcy case filed by the Debtor since 1996. All of these caseswere filed under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code and all were dismissed for Oliver’s failureto make the required payments. The first Chapter 13 case was filed on July 11, 1996, under CaseNo. 96-2973, which was dismissed on January 15, 1998. The second case was filed o...